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I'm a self-thought gameplay programmer with a decade of experience. I've been through more than 20 game development cycles from prototyping ideas to polishing full product. I specialize in C# language and I'm passionate about all programming related things. I love attending game jams and I love trying out new genres to learn their limitations, designs, and challenges. I've also worked on every aspect of game development from 3D modeling to audio design for my projects. I've published 2 games on Steam platform

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Time Axis

Red Frontier 2

An Open-world, Immersive-Sim, Horror game set in the distant future

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Rogue-lite strategy game that you build massive space fleets

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DoubleMe (Remake)

My graduation project. Tense assassination game in a world of clones

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Fast bloody game about an unstable robot with procedural tentacle animations

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Tiny Apocalypse

A tiny FPS zombie apocalypse game in 200kb

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Audio Runner

Rhythm runner game made to be played only by audio

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Monstrous Flavours

A short game about managing a potion store while chatting with customers

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Battle City: Infinite

An old arcade game reimagined with unreal engine

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A short fun multiplayer game about the western showdown

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City Defenders

VR strategy game made for mobile-vr

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Journey To Home

A school project that that works with feeling of anxiety

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Random lizard generator with distinct appearance variation

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Who Took My Wheels

A fast crazy endless runner about a car without tires

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Choice based puzzle game made for school with group of five

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Double Me

A tense assasination game in a world of clones

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A short highscore game made in 3 hours

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Bullet-hell game made for Ludum dare 44

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Swords & Dragons

Voxel army management game with evolving story

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Silent Quest

A short dialogue-based adventure game in which the player is deaf

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Big Crunch

A Ludum Dare 42 entry which is an endless 3D First Person space runner

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FPS game which you control a mech while surviving waves of enemies

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A fast-paced pathfinding puzzle game without any text

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Maryo's Journey

Meta platformer game with a heavy emphasis on comedic dialogue

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Hard Tank

An homage to an arcade game with a procedural generation twist

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Undermine Defense

Procedurally generated rock mining tower defense game

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Red Frontier

It's an open-world horror game in which player has to out-think a giant snake roaming through the valley.

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Universe generator full of randomly generated stars and their planets

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Loop Out!

Simple jam game about breakout meets time-travel

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The Unhuman

A first person choice based game about value of a human life against a robot

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Minor Alternative Destroyer

A fun little fast-paced endless platformer game

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A short first-person choice based story game of mystery

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Final Thoughts

A linear story game with horror elements

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Tetris Runner

My first jam game which is a fast-paced endless runner

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The Outer Space

Science-based game about surving in space (UNFINISHED)

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Plastic Soldiers

My first attempt at a first person shooter game

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Fallen Pit

My first unity game (premade assets) which is inspired by Dishonored series (UNFINISHED)

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A 2D mobile fantasy battle game with hundreds enemies (UNFINISHED)

Adventures Of Jool

The game is targeted for children and it's about protecting the wild (UNFINISHED)

Danger Two!

A puzzle game about avoiding the number 2 (UNFINISHED)

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The Game Application

A meta choice-based puzzle game inspired by Stanley Parable (UNFINISHED)

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[Untitled Game]

A open world sci-fi horror game about surviving in a hostile planet (UNFINISHED)

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Possess Game

An action-shooter game about entering people's body and controlling them (UNFINISHED)

Loot Runner

A dungeon themed endless runner mobile game (UNFINISHED)

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Tetris Runner 2

A sequel to one of my games (UNFINISHED)

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WoldOS Console

A custom developer console to help me speed up my debugging process while making games

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Evolution Sim

An evolution simulation on grid made with pure C#

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