Battle City: Infinite

May 2021 - Jun 2021

Project Group Size: Solo

Development Time: 14 days

I remember playing Battle City with my dad. I really liked the game. I already made a game like that called Hard Tank. I needed a game for the final project of unreal class and the teacher suggested that I make this game with the unreal engine. I didn't want to make a copy of the same game so I've tweaked a lot of design decisions. In this game, the map generated with multiple perlin noises and random parameters. There is no level, the map is infinite kinda like a endless runner game. I learned the unreal engine as I go but due to limitations of the class, I used blueprints only. The project features destructible environment, custom particle fx, widget UI, noise generated infinite map, custom materials, custom musics and sounds and a high-score saving system. I think as a learning project, it turned out good.

Highlight Of The Project

Noise generated infinite map, Destructible environment


My Role

  •  Everything except models

Tools I've Used For This Project

  •  Unreal Engine
  •  Photoshop
  •  ChipTone
  •  BeepBox