Sep 2020

Project Group Size: 2

Development Time: 1 month

It's a university project for my Fundamental of Games 2 class. I grouped up with five people and we worked on the game. The final product is a combination of all our ideas. I've listened and exchanged feedback with every member of the group. I've also managed the production side and planned meetings and set milestones. I was responsible for the half of the coding side like player movement, animations and the various codes that affect environment. So dialogue systems, art, story and music wasn't done by me

Highlight Of The Project

2D Animations and Smooth Top-Down Controller


My Role

  •  Programmer (For the player and level)
  •   Game Designer
  •  Sound FX

Tools I've Used For This Project

  •  Unity Engine
  •   Visual Studio Community
  •  Audacity