Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

Project Group Size: 2

Development Time: 2 Months

We wanted to discover the steam's pipeline. We both enjoyed rogue-lite games so we decided to make a small scoped game but with a strategy twist. I really love new challenges so this was really exciting for me. We wanted to have a huge battle so that means tons of ships fighting with even more bullets. I had to optimize them to the max. It was clear for me that the game can't have any obstacles to eliminate the need of pathfinding. Then I realized that as the number of ships increase, total bullet/projectile the game has to render skyrocketed. I've implemented a projectile pooling system that is both shared between enemies and allies. Also projectiles can't cast raycasts so I've made that the bullet's path is predetermined before it leaves the ship. And it follows that path with linear time. Other than rendering, sound was also taxing on the cpu. I've developed system that distinguishes the sound between distant sounds and close-up sounds. Distant sounds include ship exlosions, really big guns etc. Close-up sounds are like individual bullet shoot sounds and ship thrusters. We can afford to play them since the it only plays when camera zooms in so player can only see few ships. We also wanted to port the game to mobile but we didn't due to lack of interest from players. But we can do it with the current optimizations. The game is currently out on Steam. It's genre is Rogue-like, Strategy, Space, Dungeon-crawler and with Card mechanics. It's mouthful isn't it?

Highlight Of The Project

Highly optimized projectile system. Projectile and particle effects pooling. Sound FX optimization.


My Role

  •  Programmer
  •   Game Designer
  •  Audio Design

Tools I've Used For This Project

  •  Unity Engine
  •   Visual Studio Community
  •  Photoshop CS6
  •  AseSprite
  •  Audacity
  •  Bfrx