Evolution Sim

Jul 2020

Project Group Size: Solo

Development Time: 2 days

I always were fascinated by computer generated creations. And I always wanted to try something like this. Every pixel you see, is a live entity. They try to eat different entities if they're not similar (They can originate from the same species but if they differ too much, they eat each other). The entities have different parameters like color, age, energy, strength, aggressiveness and temperature limits. They accumulate energy throughout their lives and if they reach the threshold, they can duplicate and spawn a new live around themselves. With every duplication, the new entity mutates their parameters. The simulation is producing really interesting results. With time you can see entities that can't adapt die out. Some species gets too aggressive and destroy themselves within. The entities are running on separate threads to get the most performance possible. I used a Crypto Random algorithm to improve performance. I plan to improve this hobby project in the future with planet-wide climate and some unpassable or different terrains

Highlight Of The Project

Computer Generated Content. Multithreaded Systems. Game Of Life Simulation


My Role

  •  Everything

Tools I've Used For This Project

  •  Unity Engine
  •   Visual Studio Community
  •  Photoshop CS6
  •  AseSprite
  •  Audacity