Hard Tank

Feb 2018

Project Group Size: Solo

Development Time: 2 days

I remember playing Battle City with my dad. I really liked the game. So I wanted to pay homage to it. The rogue-like genre was starting gain more popularity during 2018 times and I really like them. So I've added a rogue-like twist. Every time you start, you select randomized cards to effect your tank's stats like damage speed etc. Then you try to beat the game. There are 5 different enemy tanks with various ways to defeat them. There are 15 levels with some bosses. It was made for the Weekly Game Jam 26 in 2 days. After the release, I've added joystick support since my dad wanted to play it too. You can try it on your browser right now!

Highlight Of The Project

Reimagining Classic Mechanics


My Role

  •  Everything

Tools I've Used For This Project

  •  Unity Engine
  •   Visual Studio Community
  •  AseSprite
  •  ChipTone