The Outer Space

Apr 2016

Project Group Size: Solo

I've always wanted to make a game based on hard science. This was my attempt at doing so. You're in a space ship. Every room in the space ship has values like temperature and pressure. Every room has a air vent, light switch and a control computer. Players can modify these systems from computers. The game was also going to work with the idea of time dilation. Initially the story theme was the loneliness of space. I published some dev-logs and gameplay videos while developing. I still like the concept and maybe in the future we might see some spin-off of this idea.

Highlight Of The Project

Interactable Systems. Alive and Emergent Game Mechanics, Leak detection


My Role

  •  Everything

Tools I've Used For This Project

  •  Unity Engine
  •   Visual Studio Community
  •  Photoshop
  •  AseSprite